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I'm Ronnie Weston - I play video games for charity (well that's my excuse for being a video game addict) : ALL proceeds from this site or links etc go to charity.

I'm currently the World Record Holder (Highest Score) on Pac-Man ( and a few other records...see later

Next Charity Event: (TBC) Mid Sept 2024

Essex (TBC)

Try to Score 1 million points LIVE on the 'Worlds Largets Pac-Man' Arcade machine in a public location with only 3 lives In aid of the Rainbow Trust

Most Previous Charity Event 7th-13th December 2021

Try to win an online Tournament vs. 100s of other players on, and score the highest without losing any lives

More Previous Charity Events over the years

Score a million points on Pac-man (Arcade) live on facebook for the NHS Health Workers

World record Jr. Pac-Man Score on the Atari 7800 In aid of the Rainbow Trust(view record)

World record Ms. Pac-Man Score on the Atari 7800 In aid of Willow Foundation (view record)

World record Crossy Road Score on iOS - In aid of Parkinson's Disease

World record Pac-man Score on the Atari 7800 - In aid of Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital(view record)

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Previously The World Record Holder, Highest Score for Crossy Road as at August 2017 till April 2020 (Guinness World Records).

  1. The first time I achieved the Guinness World Record for Crossy Road....
    Since beaten and reclaimed 9 times

Happy to help raise money for good causes tweet me for anything you want to say